In 2004, Cathy Hughes and her son, Alfred Liggins, III launched TV One, a cable television network that serves the African-American community. Radio One, Inc. is the parent corporation of TV One, which became the only African-American media company in the country to own 100-percent, majority interest in a cable television network, in 2016.
TV One provides news and information on its popular daily news program, News One Now and highlights the best of the African-American culture on popular, featured programs including “Unsung.”

Hughes’ career in media spans more than three decades. During that time, she has served in many positions including radio and television personality. When TV One first launched, she created and hosted One On One with Cathy Hughes. The program featured sit down interviews with politicians, celebrities and musical artists at the height of their careers. Some of her featured guests included: Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Usher, and then Senator Barack Obama.

Cathy Hughes One on One

Cathy Hughes sits down with Hillary Clinton during her 2008 election bid.

Cathy Hughes sits down with Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Cathy Hughes sits down with Taraji P. Henson.